Professional audio and lighting rental

Founded in '87 by owner and managing director André Schneider, DEE Sound & Light has steadily grown to become a major player in the Belgian audio and lighting rental industry. It is a full service production company dedicated to providing professional sound, lighting and video.

Over 20 years of involvement in the industry have given us the expertise to work with major artists and bands as well as concert halls. We also have been supplying equipment to festivals and international concert or theatre tours.

DEE Sound & Light offers the most competitive packages and prices in Belgium; whether you are looking for a simple PA system with a couple of microphones or a complete sound and lighting setup. As a member of the international Synco Network we are able to provide material for any type and size of event, from a small theatre concert to a big open air festival.

Our company goal is to deliver excellent well-maintained equipment that meets the highest quality standards as well as to offer reliable technical service to our clients. Our experienced engineers and technicians along with a full line of equipment, ensure a top quality production every time.

dee sound and light

Our company meets the highest quality standards and offers reliable technical service to our clients.

dee digital

We provide advanced digital technology at short-term notice, throughout Europe and on dry-hire terms.

dee backline

We deliver backline equipment
to domestic and international artists
and bands.

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